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oxy-fuel burner flames, for use in heating applications
Metals Production

Heating for Iron and Steel

Industrial gases and cost effective technologies for all of your heating and reheating operations

Oxygen is required for any combustion process. By supplementing or replacing combustion air with oxygen when heating vessels, furnaces, and steel edges or surfaces, overall combustion can be improved. The resulting increased heat transfer, higher flame temperatures, and reduced volume of flue gases enable faster and more efficient heating with fewer emissions. Air Products offers computational fluid dynamic modeling, proprietary burners and control technologies that can help tailor a system to meet your unique heating needs.


Soaking pit furnace sees outstanding savings

The steel industry has long been a willing partner in field trials of novel combustion technologies. It has willfully served as a medium to nurture innovation via adoption of new combustion inventions in its pursuit of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. Combustion is an intriguing science that explores the conversion of chemical energy from fuels to useful heat utilized in an industrial process.