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We believe that an investment in Air Products—and indeed, in any company—is an act of faith, and faith can only be earned by operating with integrity and accountability. These core values are at the foundation of everything we do. We’ve always held a firm belief that the best way to be a great company and to deliver value to our customers and shareholders is to be fair, honest and ethical in our business practices and personal behavior at work. 

Air Products has built a reputation for quality, integrity and goodwill that is the cornerstone of our success. Regardless of challenges, we’ll continue to live and operate by the highest standards of ethics. As the environment in which we do business continues to change, we’ll meet the future with the same steadfast commitment to honesty, fairness, and transparency that has kept us strong for over 80 years.

Code of Conduct

Integrity—behaving ethically and being true to our words—is an Air Products core value and one we must never compromise. Ethics violations will not be tolerated at Air Products. Employees are encouraged to report complaints, concerns, or suspicions about non-compliance.

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Air Products Integrity Line

We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards.

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The Bylaws of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. as amended and restated, effective September 17, 2023, cover the following articles and their sections:

  • Meetings of Stockholders
  • Board of Directors
  • Notices, Officers
  • Indemnification of Directors and Officers
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Stock
  • General Provisions
  • Offices and Records
  • Amendments
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