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Food Gases

Gases for your food or beverage processes

Are you a food processor, a beverage producer, or working in the agricultural area?

Are you looking for gases to improve your processes?

We offer a range of high purity gases and gas-enabled equipment to help you improve your products' yield, quality or shelf life; speed up or slow down your production process; alleviate production bottlenecks and much more.

Whatever the mode of supply you need, from cylinders or packs of cylinders to mini-tanks (CryoEase), bulk tanks or on-site gas generation, we have the know-how and capability to supply you wherever your business may be.

​​Our Full Range of Gases and Solutions for You

Food Grade Nitrogen

To preserve your food products, chill, freeze, pressurise your packaging, and much more

Food Grade Carbon Dioxide

To preserve your food products, make your drinks fizzy, freeze, chill, speed up crop growth and much more

Food Grade Oxygen

To preserve your food products and boost your fermentation reactions

Food Grade Argon

To preserve your wine and high-quality products

Food Grade Gas Mixtures

To dispense your drinks or extend the shelf life of your food products

Food Grade Nitrous Oxide

To whip your cream

Food Grade Sulphur Dioxide

To optimise your wine

Food Grade Hydrogen

To hydrogenate your oils and fats

Ask the Expert

Neil Hansford - Food Technology Expert, UK
Neil Hansford

Food Technology Expert, UK

Do you also offer ripening gases?

Depending on the country and product type we also can supply ripening gases. Have a look at our fruit ripening page for more information.