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Oxy-fuel burner flames in non-ferrous metals production furnace
Metals Production

Melting for Non-ferrous Metals Production

Innovative technologies for low-cost, high-efficiency melting

Air Products' range of oxy-fuel technologies allow non-ferrous melting operations to use less fuel, achieve higher production rates, and reduce flue gas and particulate carry over. By completely or partially replacing combustion air with oxygen, the nitrogen in air can be reduced or eliminated from the process, keeping it from carrying valuable heat up the stack and making more heat available to melt your non-ferrous materials.

Many different types of furnaces are used in non-ferrous melting operations, including tower furnaces, rockers, induction, rotaries, and reverbs. Each of these furnaces requires a different approach to oxy-fuel burner design to meet its design consideration and heat input needs.


Case Studies

  • Relationship generates 25% more product for regenerative reverberatory furnace
  • High yields achieved for forward thinking secondary aluminum producer
  • Hotter and cleaner process for aluminum RSI producer
  • Increasing yield and production in a successful secondary aluminum plant
  • Maximizing precious metal productivity
  • Continuous cast copper rod manufacturer increases amount of scrap use
  • Secondary aluminum processor sees company-wide improvement after thorough review